Hospital Projects

Hospital projects require a very detailed and careful work process; because generally the structures are bigger, the products need to satisfy a certain set of standards, there are many parameters that affect each other, and the technical inspections are more thorough. The supplies for hospital projects are heavily dependent on the timetable of the project. So, the time factor should be prioritized to meet the conditions of the undertaking. The products to be used should be in accordance with technical contracts, and their warranty periods should be long, different products that might affect each other should be suitable. Certain processes should be worked on in coordination with construction authorities. 

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Turkish Hospital Furniture Manufacturers and Hospital Building Materals in Turkey

Importance of technical details in hospitals

For example, when producing bedheads, the measurements of the electric and gas outlets behind the bed, the right amounts of wall bands in the rooms and corridors and their right placements in height are some important points that should be worked on carefully. Prior to all these processes, all details should be evaluated separately.

Also, hospital products have a dense usage area, so along with anti-bacterial features and durability, cognitive and psychological features of the products such as color and texture should also be taken into consideration. There are firms that are experts in their fields who export products from Turkey. Working with firms with experience in the hospital field would make all the processes easier for you with detailed solutions on matters like equipment and decoration.

How to reduce cost in hospital designs

Since hospital projects need to meet certain standards, there is not a wide range of preferences on material details. However, you can lower your costs through the right decisions on the supply strategy.

On the other hand, some boutique designs for the common areas of hospitals might be needed, as opposed to the standard products in room floors. When mounting work is requested for multiple storey projects like hospitals, vertical carriage as well as horizontal carriage is important for the safe placing of products, time and cost reasons.

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Some of the products that are requested for hospitals:

Interior Door

Sliding Door



Sickbed (Hospital Bed)

Bed Head

Protective Wall Tape


Locker (Changing Room)

Tile & Sanitaryware

Hospital Furniture

Wall Paper 

Curtain System

Wall & Ceiling Cladding (Wall & Ceiling Cover)

Acoustic Panel

Office Furniture

Fire-Rated Doors

Laboratory Areas



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Learn How To Lower Your Hospital Project Costs With A Procurement Consultant in Turkey. Click here for FREE Pre-Procurement Report.

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